The Company
Vitacress is responsible for all the RAR Group operations in the fresh produce market, with a focus on providing “ready to eat” salads and fresh herbs.

All the operations have the following attributes in common: they are all based on excellence in the farming supply chain, whether it is from open field farming or from under glass in a nursery; setting leading standards in terms of product quality, technical skills and environmental stewardship, they are all leaders in their chosen markets.

Based in Runcton in the south of England, the fresh herbs business is the market leader in the UK.

Fresh cut herbs are also packed in Vitacress Real, a joint venture between Vitacress and the Dutch Gipmans Group, which is based in The Netherlands and sells products on the Benelux markets.

Salad crops are grown in Southern England, Portugal and Spain for packing as “ready to eat” products at the company’s facilities at St Mary Bourne, Hampshire.

Leafy salads, watercress and fresh herbs grown in the Alentejo and Algarve regions are also sold in Portugal and Spain under the Vitacress brand.

This provides the Vitacress companies with a range of sourcing options to enable year round supply of consistent, high quality products regardless of the season.

Referred as a good sustainability example, the “Vitacress Conservation Trust” aims to protect and preserve wildlife and habitats adjoining Vitacress farming estates.